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Green energy is that which we no longer consume

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Energy audit 

Reduction of your energy consumption.

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Ariadne Solution

Techno-economic optimization of utility production.

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EPC Solution

Metering - Balance sheets - Management and monitoring of energy performance.

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Solution Planner

A solution to help manage energy flows.

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-30% reduction in consumption




The objective of HeatOptim is threefold:

  • To develop the methodological building blocks for assessing the interest (by pre-sizing) of introducing innovative storage and conversion technologies into an industrial unit under construction or already in existence. As these systems vary over time, these studies must be based on dynamic and multi-period analyses.

  • Extend these methodological building blocks to propose Energy Management Systems specifically dedicated to this type of system where the planning function is essential to take full advantage of the introduction of these thermal recovery and storage systems,

  • To develop software applications implementing these methodologies which will enable Proesis to offer both a study service on these issues and to provide the operators of these systems with customised management applications.


The scope of Proesis (and of this project) is therefore not to propose innovative technological solutions but rather to support the suppliers of these solutions:

  • In the pre-dimensioning of the components making up these complex networks

  • In the operation phase, by proposing optimisation and management tools to fully exploit the potential of these technologies and to make the systems that incorporate them more energy efficient, but also more resilient and flexible.


The range of possible applications of the results of this project is vast and concerns both the suppliers of these innovative thermal storage solutions (often start-ups and small SMEs seeking to deploy their technology) and the integrators of these solutions (often large industrial groups in the energy sector).


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