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A solution to help manage energy flows

The objective of this solution is to provide operators with management assistance based on an accurate and reliable model of the process (Material and Energy balances). 

Your problems: 

  • Negotiate your purchases with a clear vision of needs.

  • Organize your production strategy by integrating energy data into the problem (inventory management, production schedules, equipment start-ups and shutdowns, maintenance schedules, various production constraints, etc.).

  • Manage your resales according to market expectations (resale of electricity production via capacity mechanisms, load shedding, spot, intraday, etc.).

Our solutions: 

  • Steering assistance by establishing production schedules in automatic or interactive mode.

  • Explicit consideration of standard and specific "business" production constraints.

  • Planning horizon adaptable to the time scale considered.

  • Constrained optimization approach to target a technical, financial or environmental optimum.

  • Prediction of equipment availability and storage occupancy level.

  • Anticipation of peak periods and management of crisis periods.

  • Exploitation of the flexibility deposits of the system.

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