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Smart Metering Software

Monitor the distribution of all types of flows (steam, water, electricity, fuels, emissions, etc.) in a tree structure based on measurements available on the site.

The strong points :

  •   Its robustness

  •   Its speed through the use of algorithms dedicated to tree calculations

  •   Its use of soft sensors

  •   Its ability to manage physico-chemical and thermodynamic models

  •   Its raw measurement processing algorithm leading to the use of validated measurements in reports

​Your issues:

  • Produce consolidated energy balances

  • Perform real-time monitoring

  • Set up performance indicators

  • Automate reporting

  • History of balance sheets

Our solutions: 

  • Reliable and accurate monitoring of energy flow distributions

  •   A history of balance sheets

  •  Implementation of energy performance indicators

  •   Custom reports

  • Integration into the ISO 50001 approach

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of the site (PI ...)
Sensors and counters
Treat the 
Perform the
balance sheets
Base of
data CBE
Addin CBE
in Excel
Instant raw measurements
Raw measurements
Calculations in seconds
On input, the software uses all the information available, with the possibility of remote transmission of measurements (no need for a wired network) and, on output, the software restores the results according to the company's information management policy.
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