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Technical and economic optimization of utility production plants.

ARIANE is a decision support tool for power plants producing energy in the form of different utilities (steam, hot water, electricity, etc.).
ARIANE manages the complexity of these production sites by integrating into its optimization algorithms the technical and environmental constraints but also the economic aspects both from the point of view of purchases (fuels, electricity) and contractual resale opportunities (electricity).

Your problems: 

  • Minimize production costs

  • Optimize purchases

  • Manage resale contracts (Trading)

  • Manage emissions (CO  , SO  …)

  • Manage maintenance operations

  • Perform investment studies



​Our solutions:

  •   Evaluate production costs

  •   Investigate investment opportunities

  •  Plan maintenance operations

  •   Calculate polluting emissions (CO , SO  …)

  •   Perform electrical trading operations

  •  Prepare budgets and generate balance sheets

  •  Carry out "What if" type scenario studies



Putting the software online with the aim of optimizing production in real time by providing operators with realistic instructions in order to produce as close as possible to the economic optimum.

ARIANE automatically uses site measurements. Coupling with reconciliation software (VALI from BELSIM) makes it possible to work with a validated data set.

When put online, ARIANE operates silently, on a site server or in the cloud, and generates recommendations for operators in the form of reports at the frequency chosen by the site.



Water (€)

Fuels (€)


(steam, hot water)

Customer (process)
(Refinery, paper mill, etc ...)

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