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Who are we ?

Focus on our major area of expertise, energy, through the production of utilities, advanced energy audits, smart energy metering. Promote a "services" approach with our current and future customers, i.e. plan for long-term partnerships by positioning itself as a supplier that is close, reliable and very responsive.

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Our history

1997, Philippe Baudet submits his thesis and works on a project resulting from the R&D of TOTALÉNERGIES dedicated to the production management of Utilities: the Ariane software. That same year, Philippe Baudet met Jean Paul Gourlia who gave him a taste for utility management and energy efficiency. Jean Paul will guide him throughout his career and will be his mentor.

Until 2016 Philippe Baudet will have a career in a private company, his field of activity remains utility production management, smart energy metering and advanced energy audits.

2016, Philippe Baudet decides to create Proesis. Previous activities are retained (Ariane & CBE software, energy and customer audit activities) in a separate structure. Proesis also turns to teaching, and as a speaker Philippe Baudet will give lessons to students from the A7 and the IUT of chemical engineering in Toulouse.

2017, Proesis launches its first R&D project dedicated to utility production energy planning.

2021, the R&D project ends and the PLANENER software resulting from this project is born.

2022, Proesis decides to relaunch itself in an R&D project in partnership with ADEME. This project is called HeatOptim (Find out more about our project here).

September 2022, Proesis continues to develop an activity that is close to its heart, that of teaching. At the start of the 2022 academic year, Proesis will intervene at ENSGIT in Pau.

Our customers and partners

Green energy is that which we no longer consume

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